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Our Mission

Driving growth in Saudi Arabia through transformative investments

About Us

BATIC is a publicly listed company in Saudi Arabia that is well positioned to invest in logistics, security and various strategic sectors. The firm creates value through identifying great companies and accelerating, transforming or enhancing our portfolio businesses.  BATIC’s subsidiaries have strong success stories and long track records that the firm draws upon as it looks to drive growth in Saudi Arabia through transformative investments.

The firm’s comprehensive approach looks for long term growth potential in specialized logistics and security segments that grow faster than the overall market. These goals align with the Saudi Vision 2030 to leverage the country’s position at the crossroads of important international trade routes between Asia, Europe and Africa and build a unique regional logistics hub.

BATIC traces its roots from the experience of its two main firms: Mubarrad Transport & AMNCO Security.   Mubarrad Transport is a leading transportation and logistics company with a rich history spanning almost 30 years focused on ground transport and cold chain logistics.  AMNCO built its name as a market leader in cash in transit business and services over 25% of Saudi ATMs with 540 armored vehicles.   Its offices in 17 cities across the Kingdom service over 250 delivery points.  In addition to the cash in transit business, AMNCO is a leader in private security having been the first licensed company to operate in the security guards field over 30 years ago.

The firm’s strategy combines deep industry expertise with local market experience; the flexibility to support all stages of company development; a long-term investment horizon; and fully aligned interests among our portfolio company management and shareholders. Partnering with superior management teams, BATIC helps companies formulate strategy, scale solutions, implement suitable financing structures and recruit talented executives.