BATIC specializes in investing in sectors that have local Saudi exposure with segment growth that is faster than overall sector or economic growth. This approach makes it an optimal choice for public market investors seeking exposure to Saudi. Our professionals possess deep domain expertise in investments, particularly in the following sectors: logistics, private security, and related technologies. This extensive sector and investment knowledge, tailored to the local context in the Middle East as well as global trends, distinguishes our firm as a preferred partner for executives and entrepreneurs.

Logistics & Related Technologies
A key focus for BATIC is to make investments in key transportation and logistics sectors in the Middle East. There is a significant opportunity to consolidate what today is a highly fragmented industry into a more consolidated logistics platform. With a past focus on ground transportation and refrigerated transport BATIC now focuses on additional segments and related technologies.

Security & Cash Management
The other key focus of BATIC’s investment approach is security, physical cash management and its intersection with logistics. As Saudi Arabia continues to aim for high global standards in several industries and job creation, the security industry is likely to play a significant role. It is directly linked to creating jobs, assisting government in security controls, protecting software, cyber security and also helping banks manage cash transfers and security.

BATIC’s Strategy Align with Vision 2030

  • Logistics is at the center of Vision 2030 as a way to cement the country’s position at the crossroads of important international trade routes, between Asia, Europe and Africa and build a unique regional logistics hub
  • BATIC is fully aligned with these goals.