Trukkin Overview

Trukkin is a techno-logistics firm focused at revamping and redefining the land transportation industry in the UAE and GCC. Started in 2017 and being a young dynamic organization, Trukkin is leaving a massive footprint in the logistics and transportation industry in a very short span of time. Having moved over 700 Shipments per month since its inception, Trukkin is fast becoming a market leader at serving the industry.  Trukkin aims to innovate, simplify and deliver the best services to the cargo movement industry. Trukkin is also continually improvising to meet the industry challenges and aims to liaison with private and public sector alike to solve transportation woes across GCC. Through its on-the-ground presence in UAE and KSA and expansion plans to other GCC countries, Trukkin is marching to become the leading enabler in Heavy Cargo Movement, Land Transportation and the Trucking industry.

Trukkin is collaborating with Shippers, Truckers and Fleet owners to build leaner processes to move cargo from consignor to consignee without increasing costs. Trukkin promotes efficiency with the help of technology and smarter transportation in the UAE and GCC.

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